About Us

Our Philosophy

Since 2006, when we opened Frederick’s first organic hair salon, our emphasis has always been to help our clients maintain healthy hair and scalp. Our carefully selected hair color and products support our philosophy of being as organic and natural as possible.

The air we breathe in the salon is free from harsh chemicals and the energy is warm-heated, encouraging creative results!


We Believe

  • In delivering hair salon services that exceed your expectations.
  • In providing a relaxing and wholesome salon experience that promotes beauty from within.
  • In offering superior natural and organic products  with the finest ingredients.
  • In purchasing items made in America whenever possible.
  • In supporting local business and our Frederick community.
  • In being socially responsible and striving to reduce our carbon footprint
  • In being accustomed to assisting our clients in  reaching the optimum in healthily hair and scalp, while accentuating their individual beauty. Today with the raising environmental concerns, it has become our social responsibility to bring our attention to the beauty of the world we live in. With our baby steps combined, we can have a greater impact on our planet for future generations.


Our Space

A combination of bespoke style and simplicity is the foundation of our salon design.   Being as Eco-friendly with our choices as possible was a priority when we renovated this 100 year old original grain warehouse.  Our walls are lined with windows saturating our space with natural light and fresh air. The atmosphere is up-beat and relaxing at the same time, giving you a breather, where you can escape the “hustle and bustle” of everyday life, at least for a while.



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